Zedian (Mark) Xiao

ML Researcher & Engineer

Stanford University
(Happy to chat! 😊)

I am a second year Computer Science MS student at Stanford University. I build trustworthy and scalable language technologies that improve our everyday lives. My current focus is in developing conversational agents that really understand you.

I am fortunate to have worked with many wonderful collaborators and mentors. At Stanford, I improved the robustness of natural language technologies to dialectal variations under Diyi Yang. Prior to my graduate studies, I researched drug and protein language models to expedite the drug discovery process supervised by Jie Fu and Xue (Steve) Liu. I have also worked a lot on efficient machine learning. With Masoud Asgharian, I worked on an estimator for intrinsic dimension. Later, I developed numerical precision bounds for floating-point quantized neural networks with Vahid Partovi Nia.

Outside of academia, I built graph neural network solutions at Amazon, machine learning infrastructure at Intact, and conversational agents at UMAknow.

In my free time, you can find me mastering the art of coffee brewing, refining my wine palate, enjoying sports with friends (🏃 🏓 🕺 🧗 ⛰), and capturing moments with my camera.